Seamlessly integrate hosted AI into your client apps

With Wavelike, integrating AI features into your native or web client apps and understanding your costs is as easy as clicking a few buttons and importing an SDK.

We’re launching soon in private beta, so add your work email to our waitlist.

A proxy, but not just a proxy.

Using a drop-in SDK, quickly and easily integrate generative AI from multiple providers utilizing hundreds of the latest text, image, and audio models.

Serverless AI
Build AI features into your app without building a server. Prototype and ship incredible mobile or web features quickly, and ensure your API key stays secret.
Identity and Security
Protect against bad actors who want your keys or want to bend your APIs to their nefarious purpose. Using 3rd party services like RevenueCat, Adapty, Firebase (and more), lock down your AI features to only be accessible to subscribed users.
Break down exactly how your users are using your AI features, and importantly, how much it costs. Understand your costs and usage on a per-user level and never be caught off guard by your AI bill again.
You pay for usage from AI providers, but you risk over-usage from your subscribed users. Keep tabs on your high-usage users and ensure they can’t use more than you can afford.
Inject system messages and lock in model versions using our dashboard, so your AI features are safe to use directly from the client.
Integrate native SDKs into your apps perfectly typed to your enabled models from multiple providers. Swift, Kotlin, JS/TS with more on the way.